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RHS Confidential

If there is an immediate threat of danger, call 911.

Rosemount Confidential is an anonymous reporting system which allows the reporter to convey information to the Rosemount High School administration and possibly to the school's resource officer. Reports will be analyzed and may be investigated based on seriousness and merit. Concerned citizens, students, and parents may complete reports.

There is no place on the form for the reporter to leave identifiable information. Therefore, for practical purposes, the report is anonymous. However, because the reporter's IP address may be associated with the report, there should be no assumption that the report is completely protected.

On occasion, reports may be referred to the Rosemount Police Department or other law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation. The reporter should have no expectation of follow-up, nor should the reporter assume that the level of conveyance is equal to or similar to contacting a law enforcement agent.

Reporters who intentionally make misleading or false reports are subject to criminal prosecution and school based penalties.


1. What is your concern?


2. Does this involve a Rosemount
High School student?
Yes     No


3. Who does it involve?


4. What did you see or hear?


5. Do you know the people involved?


6. Do you think it will happen again?


7. Is there any additional information
you want to share?