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RHS Counseling

ACT Prep Class

Curriculum: This course is specifically designed to help students be familiar with the ACT Test. It is NOT an academic tutoring opportunity. Students will explore question styles and samples for all four areas of the ACT test (reading, English, math and science), as well as sample prompts for the writing portion. If you are interested in compiling an intensive subject review, take an early ACT prep course, and then use the results from your practice tests to build an independent review of weak subject areas.

This course will uncover your subject test strengths, highlight your subscore areas of weaknesses, provide specific strategies to help improve your raw score, and provide an overall picture of the ACT subject tests with targeted, timed practices.

Other course highlights include: incorporating tips during practice tests, utilizing strategies to best approach a timed test or test anxiety, techniques to approach unknown answers to tough questions, review of organizing and writing an essay in 30 minutes, understanding the raw scoring of the ACT along with strategies that focus on point accumulation, and other test taking strategies.

Eligibility: This course is recommended for Juniors or Seniors who plan to take the ACT test in the next few months. Juniors and seniors will receive priority placement prior to the registration deadline. All late registrations will be accepted as space allows.

Cost: The course fee is $150. This fee must be received prior to the first session. This fee includes the cost a subscription to ACT Prep Online, classroom instruction, administration of the practice tests and all materials.

Commitment/Schedule: Students who agree to take this course will be asked to attend the course on dates selected and take a full-length practice test on a scheduled Saturday morning*. See the registration form for class dates. Attendance and tardies to class will be recorded. Excessive tardies are disruptive to the class as a whole. All students are expected to arrive on time, participate in course activities and discussions. No refunds will be given for students who fail to attend or who are removed due to behavior or other circumstances. In case of unforeseen school events, the dates of classes may be adjusted.

*At the end of the course, students will be expected to attend one Saturday session.

Students are provided a full length, timed ACT test simulated in a testing environment. Tests will be scored immediately following the exam.

Types of classes (same curriculum):

BOOT CAMP - four days in a week. This course is designed as a focused study, four-days in a row, for those students who benefit from continuity and consistency. If you are the kind of person who puts things off … this course is for you. It keeps you in the frame of mind of test preparation directly ahead of the test. Keep in mind it is a long day ... but just like play rehearsal or track practice it follows the same routine. Bring water and snacks to class!

ONCE A WEEK for four weeks. This course is designed for those heavily involved students who struggle to add one more activity to a busy weekly schedule. Classes typically start later in the day to accommodate after school activities.

TWICE A WEEK for two weeks. This course blends Boot Camp and Once a Week sessions and typically accommodates work schedules for students. Bring water and snacks to class as this class meets right after school, most of the time.

Behavior: This course is designed to guide students through strategies to take the ACT Test. Students who behave inappropriately, choose not to participate actively or misuse resources available to them will be removed immediately and no refunds will be given. All RHS rules and guidelines, including, but not limited to, use of technology, eating/drinking, and misuse of property will be enforced.

Partial Scholarships are available for students in need and will be awarded through a scholarship fund. Students wishing to seek assistance should speak with their counselors for applications. Registration: All registration materials can be found on the RHS website under the Counseling link or picked up in the Counseling Office. Deadlines for registration are generally one week prior to the first session date.

Contact Information: Chad.Terry@district196.org

Registration: Pay $150 to "19–20 ACT Prep Course" on your Fee Pay account, then submit this registration form to the RHS Counseling Office or mail to:

ACT Prep Course at RHS, Attn: Chad Terry
3335 142nd Street West
Rosemount, MN 55068

You will receive email confirmation prior to class. Registration fee is nonrefundable after the registration deadline.