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End–of–Year iPad Collection

May 10, 2019

End–of–Year iPad Collection

ALL students will PERMANENTLY turn in their iPads and power cords/bricks at the end of the school year. Please note the key dates below.

  • Wednesday, May 22
  • - Seniors – Return iPads and power cords/bricks - Grades 9–11 – iPad Health Check
    (Health check is just to verify current condition of iPad. iPad will not be turned in until last day of school. Students do NOT bring cord/brick to school for health check but they should make sure they know where cord/brick are.)
  • Friday, June 7
  • - Grades 9–11 – Return iPads and power cords/bricks

Fines will be assessed for damaged iPads or missing power cords/bricks. Fines include cracked screen $109, missing power cord $19, and missing power brick $19. (Note: The correct power brick is a 2" white brick – NOT a small iPhone charger. Click here to see photo of correct power brick.) If you purchased the optional Protection Plan, the cost of any repair will be covered but the plan does not include cords and bricks.

We appreciate your help in making sure iPads and power cords/bricks are turned in and also for paying any associated fines in a timely matter. Seniors must pay their fines before graduation. Fines can be paid in the main office or in the IMC. Next fall, RHS students will get larger iPads and new bricks/cords. Any student who has an unpaid iPad fine will continue to use a Mini 2 iPad until the fine is paid.