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Former RHS Students Featured in Sun This Week Article

March 29, 2016

RHS 2012 graduates, Adam Jackson, Stephen Sawyer, and Bryce Wilberding were recently featured in an article by Tad Johnson that was posted on March 26th, 2016. Below is a short excerpt from the article and you can click here to read the full text on the Sun This Week Website.

"Three U.S. military academy graduates have traveled the globe over the past four years, but they still share in common one piece of geography. It's that rectangle in east central Dakota County called Rosemount.

It was there that Bryce Wilberding, Adam Jackson and Stephen Sawyer attended Rosemount High School, graduating in 2012 when they made their plans to join three different U.S. military academies. The trio went their separate ways after earning their diplomas as they landed at West Point, Colorado Springs and Annapolis, respectively. All three have been academic standouts in their studies, and it appears the future holds much for them". 

Go Irish!