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Denise Cochran - Outstanding Service Award Winner!

February 19, 2016

Budde.KimberlyRHS Counselor Denise Cochran is one of only five staff members in the district to receive the honored annual award this year. Superintendent Jane Berenz and Dr. Mark Parr, Director of Secondary Education, personally presented the award to Denise in a surprise ceremony in the RHS IMC Thursday, February 19.

Recipients of Outstanding Service Awards are chosen by a selection committee consisting of representatives from different employee groups. A list of employees who have received the award since its inception in 1985 is available online.

Criteria to determine the award recipients:
-Outstanding performance of responsibilities.
-Work performance and attitude which benefits students.
-Work performance and attitude which benefits coworkers.
-Work performance and attitude which benefits their department, building or the district.
-Exemplary and outstanding qualities.

Brief comments shared by folks that contributed to Denise’s nomination:
“Denise performs all her duties with a cheerful heart and joyful energy.”
“If you’re seventeen or seventy you feel important and comfortable in her presence.”
“Denise has a way of making you feel like you are life-long friends.”
“It is her creativity and desire to help students that gives her the drive to accomplish so many things during any given school day.”
“She adds fun to the workday while doing an amazing job day in and day out.”
“She is truly one-of-a-kind!”

Those selected to receive Outstanding Service Awards for 2015-16 will be recognized at the Partners in Education employee recognition banquet scheduled for the evening of Thursday, April 14, in the Eagan High School cafeteria. The annual banquet also honors retiring district employees (and those who have retired since April 2015).

We at Rosemount High School wish to congratulate Denise on this well deserved honor!

Go Irish!