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RHS Upcoming 100th Anniversary Celebration

January 25, 2016

We will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rosemount High School and District 196 in the fall of 2017. We are beginning to plan for a major fall event on a Saturday that will incorporate as many graduates from each of the ten decades that RHS has been graduating students. We are very proud of our past and the wonderful students and families that have been a part of our rich history.

On the RHS Home page you can click ALUMNI in the blue menu or go directly to http://www.district196.org/rhs/alumni to register as an alum of RHS and provide us with current email so that we can keep you posted on our upcoming centennial celebration and other events taking place at RHS. In addition, you can update us and other alumni about what you have been doing since your graduation day.

Currently we have over 3200 alums that have registered. You can see who they are by using the search feature on the ALUMNI webpage. We will try to post on Facebook and Twitter a brief bio of one of our alumni each Friday throughout the year.

Our goal is to get over 10,000 RHS alumni signed up on our website. Currently on the RHS Facebook page we have over 9000 friends.

Go Irish!