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Commitment To Excellence

How good do you want to be? If your answer is, “good enough to get by,” than a commitment to excellence is not necessary, but if your completely honest answer is, “the best,” you must make a total commitment to excellence.

Wrestlers are born with varying degrees of natural ability. Sacrifice and a commitment to excellence are required to develop that ability. Time, hard work, continuous practice and repetition all go into the making of a good athlete.

To be a winner you must be willing to make sacrifices. This means maintaining good training habits, getting the proper amount of rest, and eating a balanced diet.

You can be as great as you want to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, determination, dedication, competitive drive, and if you are willing to give up the little things in life to accomplish an ultimate goal down the road, you will succeed!

In our years of involvement in athletics, we have seen athletes make a sincere commitment to excellence. They had a burning desire to be not just good, but great. They craved coaching. They wanted to learn a new wrestling move every day. They worked harder than the other wrestlers during the season and they never stopped working in the offseason. They went out of their way to look for tougher competition. Finally, they were stubborn – they refused to settle for anything less than the best.

As a result, each was a big winner. There was no luck or chance involved; these wrestlers worked hard so they would always have an edge when they went into their matches. They knew they would win…and they did.

A commitment to excellence means you must be willing to work hard, to push yourself physically until it hurts. We believe that any wrestler who walks off the mat after a full match and is not physically spent has not worked to his physical potential

If you have a true commitment to excellence you will give up anything that does not help you become better as an athlete or a person. Don’t be content with mediocrity- strive to live up to the greatness within you.

COMMITMENT NIGHT: This is a night for you to pledge your commitment to excellence in the Eastview Wrestling program. This night will involve activities that encourage you to reflect on your goals and to discuss what it will take to reach those goals. Also, this night will emphasize each wrestler’s commitment to the whole team. We depend upon each wrestler to succeed. Your complete commitment is crucial to the success of the team. You deserve to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

The great coach Vince Lombardi had this to say about making the commitment to excellence:

“For the winner there is 100 percent elation, 100 percent laughter, 100 percent fun and for the loser the only thing left is a 100 percent resolution and 100 percent determination. The game, I think, is a great deal like life. Every man makes his own personal commitment toward excellence and toward victory. Although you know ultimate victory can never be completely won, it must be pursued with all of one’s might and each week there is a new encounter, each year a new challenge.

“I’d like to say that the quality of any man’s life is a full measure of that man’s personal commitment to excellence and to victory, regardless of what field he may be in.”


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