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Rosemount Middle School is the cornerstone of District 196 and has the distinction of being the oldest school in the district—the original 1918 portion of the building is still in use. Located in a strong, active community that has a small-town feel, Rosemount Middle is a special place for children to receive a quality education.

Rosemount Middle staff members are committed to academic excellence in a safe, nurturing 21st century environment. Our teachers provide clear and focused instruction, ongoing formative and summative assessments, and a commitment to excellent academic achievement. Rosemount Middle School offers core academic classes of math, social studies, science and language arts. Students can also choose from a wide variety of elective courses which include band, choir, modern literature, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, physical education, and a variety of technical education, family consumer science, art and communication classes. We also offer targeted electives in the areas of strategic math and reading for identified students.

R-O-S-E-M-O-U-N-T Respect-Opportunities-Safety-Equity-Making Positive Connections-Outstanding Learning and Achievement-Unwavering Commitment to Excellence-Nurturing Environment-Traditions. View our full profile here!

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The mission of our middle schools is to nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly interdependent global society by creating environments in which students are challenged to explore, to create, to make decisions and to actively participate in and be accountable for their learning. Middle school provides an environment that allows transition for students as they move from elementary into high school years. Middle school education builds upon skills acquired in previous learning experiences and provides an opportunity to explore new areas of interest that will give direction for future choices.

Mission Statement: Instruction - Approaches to learning emphasize interdisciplinary instruction, exploration, practical application and cooperative learning. Learning opportunities are presented through a variety of instructional methods. Instruction in the middle school places emphasis on the continued acquisition of basic skills and higher order thinking skills and acknowledges the importance of out-of-school activities on classroom learning. Learning activities begin in areas familiar to the learner and lead to new areas of interest.

Mission Statement: Decision-making - The school program is one in which students learn to accept responsibility for their actions as they grow and mature. Students receive instruction in the process of decision-making through experiences in classrooms, exploratory and cocurricular activities. Reinforcement, direction and guidance are provided through the practice of participatory decision-making.

Mission Statement: Home-school Relations - It is understood that a home-school partnership exists among students, parents, staff and the community. Communication between home and school is necessary for each student's success and learning. Accountability for these expectations is accomplished through a variety of communication methods initiated by parents and staff.

Mission Statement: Evaluation - Elements which comprise an effective middle school are assessed on a regular basis. Student academic and social progress is reported systematically. Evaluation examines the learning process and focuses on attainment of educational outcomes.


Presidential Academic / Fitness Award
This is a national award given to eighth graders in the spring of their final year. Students who receive this award must have a cumulative score above the 85th percentile on their National Standardized Achievement Test and have maintained an "A-" average during their three years in middle school. This is an award that signifies much effort on the part of students and they deserve congratulations. Students who qualify for the Presidential Academic Fitness Award receive a signed certificate from the President of the United States.

Student of the Month (SOTM)
Each month students are selected by grade level from each of our educational departments to receive "Student of the Month" honors. Student of the month awards are given to students on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Has shown ability to take responsibility
  • Is working up to their capability
  • Has shown a marked improvement in work in that particular class
  • Has demonstrated a positive attitude toward the class and fellow students
All students achieving this award will have their name announced over the intercom, will have their picture taken and posted in the display case, and will receive an award certificate. This award reflects hard work and positive contribution to our school environment.

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Our counseling staff committment to the whole-child experience here at RMS. Jade Fiedler, Betsy Rose, and Tamara Colucci, our counselors, have various resources posted for both students and parents on their Google site.

School Nurse

The Health Office at Rosemount Middle School is staffed by Robin Schmitz, Licensed School Nurse. Mrs. Schmitz is committed to working with students, families, and staff to promote optimal health and academic success for all students. Office hours are from 7:45 am to 3:15 pm on all days students are in school. Services offered in the health office include in-school care management for chronic and acute health conditions, assistance with medication administration and health care procedures, vision, hearing, and growth and development screenings, first aid, and communicable disease prevention and intervention.

You can also visit the district health page for more information.

Gifted and Talented

RMS is dedicated to developing a GT program that suits the needs of all learners through a combination of clustered groupings, advanced/accelerated course work and individual talent development. Through these opportunities we strive to provide a rigorous, engaging and motivating experience for our students at RMS. Please feel free to contact Tiffany Kienitz for more information.

Speech Services

Speech-Language Pathologist: A specialist sometimes called a speech clinician, speech therapist, or speech pathologist with a role to assess, diagnose, treat and help prevent speech, language, social-communication, voice, fluency and other related disorders.

Speech pathologists usually have an M.A., M.S. or Ph.D. in their specialty, as well as a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) earned by working under supervision. The state of MN requires a state license. What does a Speech Pathologist do: A speech-language pathologist works with a full range of communication disorders including the following:
  • Evaluate and diagnose speech, language, cognitive-communication and disorders.
  • Treat speech, language, cognitive-communication and social-communication deficits in individuals of all levels, utilizing an individualized plan with both long-term goals and short-term objectives established for each individual's needs.
  • Direct or in-direct service delivery models may be provided individually or within groups, depending upon the setting and individual's diagnosis and needs.
Speech-language pathologists often work as part of a "team", which may include special education teachers, audiologists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists and administrators.

In general the focus of typical school based speech or language therapy services include:
Speech: Articulation, Voice, Fluency
Language: Receptive (understanding of language), Expressive (expressing thoughts/ideas), Pragmatic (social skills including self-advocacy)

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