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Junior/Senior College Planning Timelines
Junior Year
Junior Year - Winter Junior Year - Spring/Summer
  • Talk to friends, parents and faculty members about colleges.
  • Organize a file of post-high school opportunities.
  • Analyze your PSAT scores.  File them with your PLAN scores.
  • Use the computer software in the College and Career Resource Center.
  • Submit your Personal Data Form to your adviser.
  • Schedule your initial formal counseling appointment with your counselor beginning in March..
  • Visit college representatives at EVHS. Check daily bulletin announcements for times.
  • Schedule and take the SAT I, the ACT or both.
  • Check with your counselor to determine whether to take the SAT II during Junior year.
  • Schedule your initial counseling appointment before school opens for senior year.
  • Research the schools on your list.
  • Send for view books, catalogs, and applications.
  • Schedule a visit to a campus or group of campuses.
  • Investigate and attend area college nights.
  • Develop a 'personal resume' of your activities and interests.

Senior Year

  • Attend classroom sessions with counselors regarding college planning. Information will be presented by counselors in regular scheduled classes.
  • Register for SAT I (and II) and ACT for September, October, November, December or January.
  • Schedule follow-up appointment(s) with your counselor.
  • Finalize your short list--the schools to which you will apply.
  • Visit selected college campuses, if possible.
  • Research your choices in the College and Career Resource Center
  • Consider developing a Senior Project as part of your overall curriculum plan.
  • Have in your possession all applications for colleges to which you plan to apply.
  • Apply for financial aid at selected schools.
  • Attend to "early action" or "early decision" deadlines.
  • Arrange for on and off campus interviews.
  • Arrange for teachers to write recommendations where needed.
  • Send "thank you" notes for recommendations.
  • Prepare required essays if you are applying to selective schools.
  • Apply to "rolling admission" institutions, as advised by your counselor.
  • Develop resume, portfolio, audio/videotape or other appropriate reflection of special talent, as advised by your counselor.
  • Submit applications to your counselor three to six weeks before the deadlines, per announcements in the daily bulletin.
  • Finalize your list of schools.
  • Remind parents of Financial Aid meeting.
  • Submit applications with January deadlines to the Counseling Office.
  • Pick up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form in the Counseling Office.
  • Meet January 1 and 15 deadlines by submitting your application to your counselors as directed in the daily bulletin.
  • Withdraw other applications if you receive binding Early Decision acceptance.
  • Apply for housing where specified.
  • If you are considering alternatives to college, see your counselor to discuss opportunities.
  • Submit FAFSA directly to Federal Student Aid Programs as soon after January 1 as possible, to be received no later than June 30. (Many colleges set earlier deadlines.)
  • Meet January, February and March application deadlines.
  • Send "thank you" notes for recommendations.
  • Maintain a rigorous academic schedule and involvement in your eighth semester.
  • Investigate thoroughly your choices by carefully considering major, costs, living arrangements, etc.
  • Expect to be notified by all colleges and universities by mid-April.
  • See your counselor to analyze the options.
  • Inform all colleges which accept you whether you plan to attend or cancel; final date to reply is the National Candidate Reply Date, May 1.
  • Reply on or before May 1 to report your intent to attend or to cancel.
  • Take Advanced Placement Exams; have scores sent to the college you have selected.

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