Congratulations to Taylor Misiak (11) who has been named a Minnesota Scholar of Distinction in Theatre Arts.  This prestigious award places her along side just a small handful of students across the state who are selected for their skills, knowledge, and talent in Theatre.  Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education and the Perpich Center for Arts Education, this recognition is recorded on her high school transcript and has a monetary award.  See the attachment for a more detailed account.

Dr. Virginia McFarren’s remarks at the awards ceremony:

This afternoon we celebrate all of you who dare to dream “impossible dreams” and to turn those dreams into reality.

The Theater Arts Scholars among us have begun a quest in pursuit of a seemingly unreachable star.   They are demonstrate that academic achievement relies on and reinforces theatrical accomplishment. 

Many in our modern world have come to think of theater as synonymous with entertainment—not that there is anything wrong with entertainment. 

But Theater, as our Scholars of Distinction know, is much more than that.  Theater is a demanding taskmaster that requires in-depth study and tireless commitment. 

Student of theater must have the energy and strength to try when their arms are too weary, the confidence to explore emotions from ‘unbearable sorrow’ to unbridled joy, and must have the courage ‘to run where the brave dare not go.’

Theater can also be an instrument for justice and social change.  Several of the Theater Scholars have shared the notion that they want to pursue theater ‘to fight for the right’ and to help make the world a better place.

Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”  I believe that you are the ones who hold our future in your dreams, and I know that your dreams are reachable.

Gretchen Heath’s remarks about Taylor Misiak:

You’ve heard her as Kate Hepburn, but she is a woman of many voices, many roles.  Her study of theater arts has shown insights and presence along with thoughtfulness and clarity.  Taylor has gone beyond the surface in both serious drama and musical comedy.  We commend her as a Scholar of Distinction, focus on Acting.

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