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Eastview High School Scholarship
Available early March 2011
Eastview Community Foundation Scholarship
Available early March 2011

  1. Instructions & Scholarship List
  2. EVHS Scholarship Application (Avaliable on Family Connection Website below)
  3. Family Connection Website
    If you have not created an account, go to New User. Type in your Student ID number. Create an account using your current e-mail address. Choose a password. When you have entered the Family Connection Welcome page, scroll down and click evhs sr scholarship under the heading From your School which is on the left side.
  4. Flint Hills Resources Discovery Scholarship
  5. Teacher recommendation form

  1. General Scholarship Instructions
  2. Donor & Scholarship List
  3. Application Form
Many scholarships have websites and require the application to be completed online. Some scholarships applications are located in the Scholarship drawer in the Career Center. If you have any questions, please ask for assistance in the Guidance Office. Scholarships for the 9th - 11th Grade students are located at the end of the booklet. Scholarship applications requiring academic record information and/or transcripts are recommended to be submitted to the Guidance Office two weeks prior to the application deadline. Always be aware of the deadline dates.

See Guidance Office for applications and information regarding other scholarships.

Financial Aid Sites:
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    Provides information on federal financial aid, tips for completing a FAFSA application.
  • FAFSA Online
    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on the Web.
  • Federal Government Program
    Federal government program for health professionals willing to trade significant federal aid for a commitment to work in an underserved areas.
  • College Board Online
    Financial aid information for parents and students.
  • Commercial Loans for Students
    Financial aid information for parents and students.
  • Student Financial Aid
    Excellent links to Internet sources of information about student financial aid.
  • Financial Aid by State
    College planning guides, electronic applications, federal loan information, and links to financial aid opportunities organized by state.
  • Mapping Your Future
    College and career advice to parents, high school students and college students.Sponsors live chats with college, career, and financial aid experts.
  • Money Magazine
    Click on "College" to get information about college financial aid from Money Magazine.
  • College Savings Plan
    Go to "Calculators" section and pull down the "Savings and Investing" menu and look for "What will it take to save for a college education". Find out how your current college savings plan measures up.
Scholarship Sites:
    Database of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans.
  • Student Financial Assistance
    Database of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans.
  • College Net
    Scholarships available in database based on profile you enter.
  • CollegeView
    Financial aid section and scholarship search database.
  • College Board Fund Finder
    Complete a personal profile, and the FUND FINDER will match your qualifications with the requirements for scholarships, grants, internships, and loans.
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Go College
    Scholarship searches.
  • Student Financial Aid
    Government sources of student aid.

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