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MC Express - Books


We have exciting teen books at your reading level!

Book not at Eastview??

Search 196 schools here!


MC Express - Online Resources


SIRS Discoverer
Amazing info. from magazines and newspapers. Colors tell you the reading level!

COLOR ALERT - Check reading level color next to article
Science Resource Center
Tsunamis....bird flu...DNA....Mars. Have a science mystery to solve?....Get the clues here!
Discovering Collection
Paper due tomorrow? This site has it all on people, places, events!

Grolier Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia wonderland! A great place to start research.
- New Book of Knowledge (Everything), New Book of Popular Science, America the Beautiful (States), Lands and Peoples, Grolier Multimedia (pictures/movies), Cumbre (Spanish)
Infotrac - Student Edition
This is the place for famous magazines and newspapers. Time....Newsweek....Teen People.....Car and Driver.
Forget Google and Yahoo!!! This is the place for good web sites.

What's the capital of Madagascar? How many people live in Russia? CultureGrams to the rescue. Start your country research here!