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STA D.C. Information


Dear Parents and Students:
Welcome to our Washington DC informational page. This is NOT a school function and is not connected to our school in any shape or form.

It is mandatory for students registered for the trip to attend all meetings to prepare for their adventure to Washington DC.  We will be covering safety, behavior and expectations while in DC.  Meetings will begin promptly at 7:00a.m.  Advance notice of these meetings will help you to plan around medical appointments, band lessons, etc. for your child to attend the meetings. Parents you are only required to attend the final meeting in June. If you have any questions or conflicts please contact us via e-mail: Mr. Lindquist and Mr. Roseen here.


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Enter Valley Middle School and your trip number to register for our tour.
Tour Trip Number: 9349
(2021 Tour)

  FYI Parents:

Every student will be required to have a watch. Students typically take 100-125 pictures. We recommend disposable cameras labeled with their name.

  Spending Money:
Recommended Amount: $100-$125.
Students will spend the amount you give them
or have earned for their trip.
  Contact information:

We can be reached at (952)431-8300
Mr. Lindquist
Mr. Roseen

Washington D.C. in 2021


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Trip Dates are June 17-20, 2021
Cost: $ 1,659.00
Important Timelines:

Final payment is due to
School Tours of America
by April 8th 2021.

Manditory Meeting Dates and Times:

School Tours of America FAQs

Informal Meeting for Students Interested!

Time & Date: 6:30 pm Tuesday
September 29th, 2020

Zoom Meeting
Link sent out in an email.

We will be having an informational meeting for
those students interested in our trip to D.C.
We ask that students are accompanied by
one of their parents/guardians and parents are
asked to sit with their student.

STA Parent Trip Handout

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint from Fall Meeting
(Shown and Discussed at Meeting)
Don't have PowerPoint?
Download and install
PowerPoint Mobile for Windows from here.

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