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RHS Library and Media Resources

New Spaces in the RHS IMC


Over the summer, some exciting changes were made in the IMC space. Several new areas will be open to students and classrooms starting this fall.

IMC Classroom: In the middle area, a classroom spaces was added. This space is designed to be a flexible learning area where tables, chairs, whiteboards, TVs and people can easily be rearranged to maximize learning potential. The IMC classroom can be checked out by classroom teachers or requested by student groups!

Creation Station: On the main level, a Creation Station was added. In this area, students will find tools and activities to stimulate their creativity. Activities will vary on a monthly basis from puzzles, legos, crochet, jewelry making, and origami to simple robotics, programing, and web-based games. In addition, the creation station will be stocked with markers, colors, colored pencils scissors, tape, and paper for students who would like to create class projects at school.

Green Screen Studio: A green screen has been added to the IMC classroom for students who would like to create videos. Lights, monitors, and microphones are also available. Students who wish to use this studio should contact Ms. Semmler.