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RHS Library and Media Resources


From home, databases are password protected. There are two ways to view databases from home.

  1. Use the icons below. You will need the password. If you are a RHS student, click here, and a google doc will show you the password.
  2. Go to Schoology - Groups - Grad Year - Resources - Online Resources. Click on the large blue "At Home Access" button.'' Notes: This does not work on a computer - only school issued iPads. This also does not allow you to easily save your articles to COLLAB or send a copy to notability.

RHS Student Resources - Covers all core curriculum areas, including history, literature, science, social studies, and more. This database includes reference material, more than 1,100 full-text periodicals and newspapers, primary sources, creative works, and multimedia, including hours of video and audio clips and podcasts. RHS Expanded Academic ASAP RHS Gale Virtual Reference Center RHS Opposing Viewpoints
RHS Encyclopedia RHS Newstand
RHS Gale Science RHS Science in Context