Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Dr. Robert M. Franchino - Assistant Principal

In 1997 I had the wonderful opportunity to join the Eastview family and become part of an organization that has been recognized both locally and nationally by The Washington Post and US News and World Report as a top achieving high school. Our focus on Academics, Arts and Athletics, combined with a solid organizational culture, supportive community, outstanding staff and wonderful students have all contributed to the success of the Eastview Community.

Our goal is to provide our scholars with the knowledge, resources and guidance to be successful in all of the educational opportunities we provide. These experiences, combined with related curriculum, make for a wonderful balance of academics, arts and athletics.

In addition to academics, arts and activities, I have been involved in the technological growth and leadership in our district and at Eastview High School from our inception in 1997 to most recently providing all of our student’s access to 1:1 personal technology supported by our community. It has been extremely exciting assisting in the development of new curriculum in our Applied Math, Science and Technology Departments as well as providing leadership to assist educators in attaining their curriculum goals supported by technology. The technological growth in our society is expanding at an incredible rate and Eastview High School provides students with the opportunities to develop strong skills to be successful and productive citizens.



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Eastview High School, located in Apple Valley, MN, includes a 330,000 square foot facility and 200 acres of recreational facilities. It is home to over 2,000 students in grades 9-12.

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