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1st meet on 1st

2nd meet on 22nd


3rd meet on 13th


4th meet on 10th


5th meet on 14th


State tournament on 14th

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About The Eastview Math Team

Math team is an Eastview club and in Math Team we solve some of the greatest mysteries in the world. These mysteries are in the form of Minnesota Math League tests. We trek the deepest reaches of the math world using just a pencil and sometimes a calculator and probably paper. We will teach you some of the exotic math that you might not learn in your regular math class. Anyone and Everyone who loves math should do math team. Those of you who aren't too fond of math come anyway; we have food and who knows maybe you will find out that math is your thing.

Mr. Haugh's Home Page

a cartoon version of our coach Mr.Haugh

General Math Team Info.

1) Math Team is in the fall till early spring.

2) Math Team consists of four events: Algebra, Geometry, Triganometry, and Miscellaneous. Each math guru (participent) does 2 every event.

3) Math Team meets every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4) Math Team requires 60 points to letter.

A) 1 point for each practice that you attend.

B) 2 points for each point you earn at a meet. 4 Points if you are on the scoring team.

C) 5 points for going to meets.

D) double points for being on the scoring team.

5) Meets last till about 7:00 PM after school.

6) Coached by Mr. Haugh

You Will Learn Math!

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