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  • Since the manget school lottery window has passed, applications will now be added to the wait list.

The five District 196 elementary magnet schools offer parents increased choice in their child's education while helping the district achieve state-required integration goals.

  • Cedar Park Elementary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School
  • Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies
  • Echo Park School of Leadership, Engineering and Technology
  • Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science
  • Oak Ridge School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences

Those who do not reside within the magnet school attendance boundary need to complete and submit this application to be eligible for the random selection process, per the Terms & Conditions.

Magnet school applications for the random selection process are due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. After that point, submitted applications will be put on a waitlist and notified if an opening becomes available.


Magnet School Enrollment Process

Phase One: Attendance Area Enrollment
(no magnet application necessary)

The following students will be automatically enrolled to attend the magnet school:

  1. Students who live in the attendance area of the magnet school they want to attend.
  2. Students who are District 196 residents and attend daycare in the attendance area of the magnet school they want to attend, in accordance with Policy 502 Student Transfers (daycare transfer form required)

Phase Two: Magnet Application

Next, placements will be made from the following groups in the order listed, using a random selection process. If space no longer remains when a name is drawn, the student will be added to a waiting list for his/her choice school.

  1. District residents who live outside the magnet school attendance area, but have one or more siblings currently enrolled there.
  2. Cedar Park, Diamond Path, Echo Park, Glacier Hills, and Oak Ridge attendance area students applying for a magnet school other than their own.
  3. Applicants to Cedar Park, Echo Park and Oak Ridge from a non-title District 196 attendance school.
  4. All remaining applicants who are District 196 residents.
  5. Siblings of current magnet school students who do not reside in District 196.
  6. All remaining applicants who do not reside in District 196.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any elementary age student who lives within School District 196 has the opportunity to apply for any of the magnet schools. Non-residents of District 196 may also apply, but will be considered after applications of students residing in District 196 are processed.
  • Morning and afternoon transportation will be provided to all district resident magnet school students who live or attend daycare more than one mile from their magnet school, according to the standards set forth in Policy 707, Student Transportation.
  • Families will be notified of placement or waitlist status no later than January 15, 2021.
  • Once enrolled, students may remain at the magnet school as long as their enrollment continues uninterrupted.
  • All other student transfers will follow Policy 502 Student Transfers, and its related administrative regulations.

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