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About the Rosemount High School Benefit Fund

The purpose of the Rosemount High School Benefit Fund is to raise money for student scholarships, faculty scholarships, as well as expenditures supporting academics, the arts and/or athletics at Rosemount High School. The Rosemount High School Benefit Fund is an account within the District 196 Foundation. Money donated to, or raised for the Foundation, will be managed by Rosemount High School volunteer parent groups.

Making a Contribution

Anyone can contribute to the Benefit Fund at any time by selecting the "Rosemount High School Benefit Fund" icon, located on the Rosemount High School Web Page (www.district196.org/rhs). When contributing to the Benefit Fund, the donor must identify if they wish to have the funds used for student scholarships, teacher scholarships, academics, the arts, or athletics. Checks need to be made out to the "District 196 Foundation" and sent to the address identified on the web site.

Contributing Through Participation in Benefit Fund Events

In addition to individual contributions, Benefit Fund fundraising events will be scheduled throughout the year. These events will specifically target either scholarships, academics, the arts and/or athletics. Our first fundraising event was our "Arts Legacy" event, which took place in the Rosemount High School Performing Arts Center this past June. Over seven thousand dollars were raised to support the arts at Rosemount High School. These funds will be used to rebuild the performance piano and buy a new wireless microphone system in the Performing Arts Center.

The District 196 Foundation is organized as a 501c3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code and Minnesota law and your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law. Your cleared check will serve as your receipt. All RHS Benefit Fund raising events and expenditures will always be approved by parent volunteer groups.

We hope you will choose to contribute to the Rosemount High School Benefit Fund by making an individual donation, and/or by attending one of the fund raising events throughout the year.

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff or Rosemount High School, thank you for supporting the Rosemount High School Benefit Fund!