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Graduation 2017 Letter from Principal Wollersheim

May 15, 2017

Dear Parents of Current Seniors,

Congratulations! Graduation is quickly approaching. With this in mind, we are sending this letter to you for three purposes. First, we want to give you a step-by-step account of what will be happening as graduation approaches. Feel free to visit our graduation web site at http://www.district196.org/rhs/seniors/senior_information.pdf. Second, we would like to provide you with some very important expectations regarding student dress and conduct at the graduation ceremony. Third, we would like to once again communicate to you our continued interest in the future of your graduate by reminding you of the post-graduation services offered by Rosemount High School.

I. Important Dates.

May 4th – Senior Survey Completion: Seniors completed two surveys in their English classes. Survey #1: Request for final transcript/RHS Survey; Survey #2: List of Awards and Scholarships. If seniors were absent on May 4 or not enrolled in an English class this trimester, log into Family Connection at https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/auth/login/?hsid=rosemounths under the "About Me" tab to complete the three surveys. Log in instructions are at the top of the log in page. Please confirm survey completion with your student. Deadline to complete surveys is Wednesday, May 10th. Final Transcripts will be submitted electronically to colleges and/or NCAA Clearinghouse as soon as final grades are completed in the last week of June.

May 18 – Cap and Gown distribution begins (all graduates will wear blue). Students receiving special honors (Honor Societies and/or top 10 percent in the class) will be receiving special regalia prior to the graduation ceremony at graduation rehearsal. Students may pick up their caps and gowns during Large Group Enrichment on the May 18 Irish Flex Day. After May 18, students may pick up caps and gowns in the Main Office.

June 2 – Graduation Practice and Senior Social – The graduation practice will begin at 9:15 a.m.in the main gymnasium. This is a required practice and attendance is critical (caps and gowns are not needed for practice). 3 Graduation tickets and 1 Ticket to Simulcast in the Performing Arts Center will be distributed to each student at the practice. Students are expected to report to their period 1 class on June 2 and will be dismissed to the practice at the conclusion of period 2. Following the practice, we will conclude with the traditional Senior Social in the gymnasium.

June 3 – Graduation – The graduation ceremony will be held Saturday, June 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rosemount High School Stadium where there will be no limit on the number of guests per graduate. In the event of forecasted rain or poor field conditions, the ceremony may be moved to the Gymnasium. Indoor or outdoor, gates/doors will open around 6:00 p.m. If weather is a factor, we will post the decision to go outside or inside on the RHS website (www.district196.org/rhs) around noon on the day of graduation. If we move the ceremony inside, seating will be restricted to three guests per student and and one guest for the Simulcast in the Peforming Arts Center by the use of graduation tickets which will be distributed to our seniors at graduation practice on June 2. If the ceremony is inside, a live closed circuit television broadcast of the ceremony will be available in the Rosemount High School Lecture Rooms during the ceremony for interested parties who do not have a ticket for the gymnasium or Performing Arts Center. The ceremony will be live on the internet, as well as available for archived review at the Rosemount High School homepage (www.district196.org/rhs). Select the "Live Streaming and Video Files" icon at the bottom right hand corner of the home page.

June 4 – The traditional parent–sponsored Senior Graduation Party – The parent–sponsored Senior Graduation Party will be held from 10:30 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. at Rosemount High School. Before the night of the party, tickets may be purchased by printing the order form from the Senior Party website (http://rhs2017srparty.wixsite.com/2017) and mailing a check for $85 to the address on the form. The ticket cost is $100 CASH per graduate the night of the party for those who have not pre-purchased their ticket. Students who have purchased tickets will have their party T-shirt distributed at graduation rehearsal. Students are encouraged to wear their party T–shirt at the party. A limited number of shirts will be available for students who purchase tickets the night of the party. If you have any questions please contact Stacey Notch via email at stacey.notch@gmail.com . The senior graduation party has been conducted by parents of seniors for the past thirty three years. Every year it has been a chemical–free opportunity for young people to celebrate the joy of graduation in an environment that leaves parents at ease. We encourage you to consider this opportunity for your graduate.

II. The Graduation Ceremony

2017 Graduation Ceremony will take place in the Rosemount High School Stadium. In the event of inclement weather the ceremony will be in the Rosemount High School gymnasium, with a live closed circuit broadcast in the Performing Arts Center (with ticket) and Lecture Rooms (without ticket). PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GRADUATION CEREMONY WILL BEGIN AT 7:00 PM.

Decorum and Dress
The graduation ceremony represents the keystone of thirteen years of work on the part of each of the approximately 500 graduates from Rosemount High School this year. It is an important event for each of the young people graduating, and should be treated with all the dignity and importance afforded such special occasions. For that reason, please take time to share these thoughts with your graduate. Please help them understand that this ceremony deserves the greatest dignity, encourage them to look sharp, behave properly, and represent their families, community and school with class. We ask that female graduates wear an appropriate dress and shoes (heels may sink into the turf if we are outside) for the occasion and that male graduates wear dress slacks, a dress shirt, dark shoes, and a tie. Also, please explain to them that we simply will not allow any individual or individuals to mar this important event with behavior that is incompatible to the occasion. Should the need arise, those who behave inappropriately during the ceremony will be removed, and appropriate consequences will be administered.

Whether the graduation ceremony is indoors or outdoors, there will be no access to the podium during the ceremony for pictures or snapshots, so we encourage you to take pictures of your graduate in graduation regalia before the ceremony. Also, following the ceremony, members of the school board will remain on the podium in order to pose for diploma presentation pictures. You may take as many pictures, with as many individuals, in as many poses as you determine appropriate. These people will stay on the graduation platform until all photo requests have been satisfied. In addition, arrangements have been made with Lifetouch to take pictures of each graduate receiving their diploma from a school board member. These proofs will be e-mailed to the graduates approximately one week after the ceremony.

Graduation Fee
There is a $40.00 graduation fee that was due back in March to offset costs associated with the graduation ceremony. If you have not paid this fee, please do so on FeePay. Caps, gowns and diplomas are provided for the ceremony by the school at no charge and students may keep the graduation tassel as a keepsake. The graduation fee is set by the School District and offsets costs associated with the ceremony (i.e. sound system, programs, security, flowers, chair and stage rental).

III. Future Services for Graduates.

It is important to us that you and your graduate be aware of and take advantage of the continued support we offer our students after graduation. Areas in which we can be of service include:

– College and career information can be found on Family Connection for alumni.

– Grade transcripts for advanced schooling or employment needs are available through the high school counseling department for one year after graduation. After that these documents are available through the District Office -Transcript and Archives Department.

– The teaching, counseling, and administrative faculty are all willing to provide references for school, job, military, or other needs. Graduates are reminded to request permission to use faculty as references.

The process of graduation involves the commencement ceremony. Commencement indicates that students are moving to a new phase of their lives which will take them in a multitude of different directions. As a faculty, we would like you to know that we will always be willing to help our graduates be successful, whatever schooling and occupational choices they may make. If the need arises in the future, please call on us. We'll do our very best to help.

On Behalf of the Faculty and Staff of Rosemount High School, Congratulations!

John Wollersheim