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Rosemount High School News

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Rosemount High School Save the Dates

July 24, 2018

  1. Open House – Monday, September 3 – 6:00–8:00pm
    Rosemount High School will be open for self–guided tours for students to locate lockers and walk through their schedules. There will be no formal program or faculty present during Open House.

  2. 9th – 12th Grade Parent/Guardian Orientation – Wednesday, September 5
    This evening is designed for Parents/Guardians only.

    9th Grade Program for Parents/Guardians – 6:00pm
    9th Grade Parents/Guardians should report to the Gymnasium at 6:00pm to hear from school administrators and staff on a variety of topics

    9th – 12th Grade Parents/Guardians – 7:00pm
    9th – 12th Grade Parents/Guardians should report to their student's homeroom location to start the evening. Parents follow their student's schedule moving class to class and meeting teachers. Parents/Guardians should bring their student's schedule from home; hard copies will be available at the door.

  3. New Student Orientation Meeting – August 22, 9:00am or 1:00pm; attend only one session This meeting is for any newly enrolled students who did not previously attend a District 196 school or St. Joseph's.