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RHS Construction Project Update 6/6/18


Starting Saturday, June 9 (this date has changed since the May 15 message sent to you), Rosemount High School Parking Lot Will Be Closed For The Summer
Construction on the entire Rosemount High School Parking Lot will start on the first day of summer break and end on the last day in August. The lot is scheduled to be ready for use on the first day of school in September.

During the summer, parking and drop off for the high school is available at the Rosemount Community Center South Lot, the Irish Dome, and Schwarz Pond Park. The front entrances to school will be closed all summer. Enter the school through the two doors on the east side of school, located near the Weight Room (door 22) and the Dance Room (door 18). A list serve with further details regarding summer access and a map showing that access will be sent and posted on the Rosemount High School Construction Web Site https://sites.google.com/apps.district196.org/rhsconstruction1718 soon.