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Pride, Performance, Promise

September 27, 2017

In our Student Center (lunchroom) we can see the words, "pride in the past, performance in the present, promise in the future". They were put there by those who came before us. This weekend these words rang true throughout our school community.

Pride in the past This pride could be seen last spring when we graduated our 100th class. We were joined by the past principals of our school who are still with us, and who along with the faculty, staff, and community members that came before us, contributed to the development of our school.

The pride continued this weekend as community members, students, graduates, faculty and staff from the past 100 years and today showed up in mass. The flow of visitors started early in the morning and did not stop. They spent the weekend celebrating what our school has been and become. Those of you who were part of the weekend can confirm that pride in the past is real, alive and well!

Performance in the present On Saturday our faculty, staff, students, and community demonstrated what performance should look like. Our students and those that teach, coach and direct them turned in amazing performances in all of the weekend events. We witnessed spectacular performances throughout the day in our PAC, stadium and other venues. Most important, our students conducted themselves in ways that provides evidence this is a special school. It started last Monday at our assembly, continued through Friday's coronation and well attended "movie night", and concluded on Saturday with all of their performances, service (as tour guides, explaining history displays, helping with events...), and the outdoor dance. In all they did, our students conducted themselves in a manner we can be proud of.

Promise in the future I couldn't help but observe that as the DVD documenting the past 100 years played in the Student Center on Saturday, a looping power point regarding the coming plans for construction played on the television monitors throughout the school. Yes, the promise of the future is upon us. We will begin to write the script for the next 100 years as school resumes today.

My deepest thanks to those of you who helped plan or participated in the events of the past week. A special thanks needs to go to Assistant Principals Kim Budde and Mike Manning who provided leadership for planning and pulling off the celebration. Also thanks to district leaders who have supported our efforts and were with us Saturday. Finally, thanks to community members who were amazing in their leadership and efforts, such as city leaders, the Community Planning Team, the Rosemount Historic Society, and the RHS Foundation, which sponsored many of the weekend events.

So here we go! With pride in the past, performance in the present, and promise in the future, let the next 100 years begin!