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Nineteen RHS Seniors Honored at 6th Annual Military Recognition Ceremony

Posted May 20, 2015


Congratulations to Rosemount High School's seniors who will begin their military training following graduation. These students were recognized at Rosemount High School's sixth annual Military Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday, May 13th.



Thank you for your future service to our country:
Gavin Anderson - National Guard
Joel Anderson - Navy
Grace Anderson - Navy
Kyle Barck - Navy
Monica Bondeson - National Guard
Kendrick Brown - Navy
Ryan Brumm - Coast Guard Academy
Maranda Burger - National Guard
Michael Burkard - Naval Academy
Emileigh Cohan - National Guard
Francis Donovan - Marines
Kate Henjum - National Guard
Dylan Huska - National Guard
Jared Land - Air Force
Thu Mai - National Guard
Bailey McGovern - National Guard
Dylan Montgomery - Air Force Reserve
Brandon Sawyer - Navy ROTC
Jasmine Smith - National Guard