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Mr. Erdmann

Voicemail: 651-683-6969 ext. 84516
Email: Jeff.Erdmann@district196.org

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Civics Today Online Text Instructions
Please use Safari because Firefox will not work.
1) Click on Link to Left- Civics Today Textbook Link
2) When prompted to select book, select the one on the left by clicking the little box below it.
3) A new window pops up Select State- Minnesota; select copyright - 2005.
4) Click- Click here to go to your book
5) Under Student Center - click on Online Student Edition
6) A new window comes up with the Student Center located on the left. Online Student Edition is now located on the left under Textbook Resources. Click on Online Student Edition.
7) A new window shows : For online student edition click here. Click on this link.
8) Enter the username and password:
username : CT2005
password: 45rutapr
9) The book image will come up with a white box labeled interactive Student Edition in the upper left hand corner of the textbook image. Click on the word CONTENTS within this box and a Table of Contents should load that allows you to click on the chapter you would like to read.
** If pages load that DON'T say Table of Contents, look for another little box with the word CONTENTS and click on it. This should bring you to the REAL Table of Contents where you can click on the specific chapter you want to see!

Civics Today Textbook Link