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Mr. Bills

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Email: Kurt.Bills@district196.org

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Student usernames and passwords.
Username: student ID
Password: “pass” +”DD” for date of the month they are born (two digits)+ “FL” (First Initial, Last Initial)
Example: John Doe with July birthday

Follow the Economics Online Textbook link found to the left.
As Student:
CLICK - Register
TYPE IN – First Name, Last Initial, Student ID
(Anyone on without this information will be kicked off)
Obtain your login and password and begin.
ALSO, there is an app for your phone
McGraw-Hill ConnectED K-12

92%  100% A
90% - 91% A-
88%  89% B+
83% - 87% B
80% - 82% B-
78% - 79% C+
73% - 77% C
70% - 72% C-
68% - 69% D+
63% - 67% D
60% - 62% D-
0-59% F

Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 40%
Weekly Quizzes 10%
Professionalism 20%

Reading is to be completed BEFORE we begin discussion, lecture and enrichment.
Personal reading level, work ethic, motivation, and time management will determine the amount of outside reading and homework time.
It is strongly suggested that students work DAILY outside of class in order to be properly prepared for the quizzes, midterm and final examinations.
Respecting others, especially their opinions and their right to speak will be critical.
You do not have to agree with everyone. Disagree respectfully and professionally.
Unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up homework, quizzes, or exams per school policy.
Take care of personal business during passing time.
Tardiness and absence records are strictly maintained.
Do not write on desks and treat books and district property with respect as your parent(s) tax dollars pay for it.
When given time to work in class, work until the bell.
Bring book, notebook, course materials and writing utensils every day and have them ready when the bell rings.
No headphones, cell phones, games, food or beverages in class. Water is allowed.
Your work ethic is critical to your performance and resulting grade for this class.

Online World History Text

Online Economics Text