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The following sites have been thoroughly previewed as content safe websites. It is our policy at Highland Elementary to closely supervise internet usage and we urge parents to explore these sites with their children.

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MCA tutorial

MCA item samplers


IXL- Sign in to practice math at home or at school.

Bridges in Mathematics at Home
Information for families about the 3rd grade math curriculum including vocabulary and online math activities to support your child at home.

That Quiz
A fantastic site for practicing basic facts and other math concepts. Students can select the length and difficulty of the "quiz". Students are also given chances to correct their mistakes at the end of the quiz.

HSP Math
This site is published by Harcourt School Publishers and contains numerous games to reinforce math concepts. The activities are organized by topic and grade level.

Cyberchase games
Cyberchase has a variety of math games from the PBS show. Try out the Cyberchase Tangram game or the NLVM Tangram game.

Around the World in 80 Seconds
Practice basic facts while "racing" around the world. Choose easier or harder facts. Great site!

Family Math Challenges
FigureThis! is a great site for families that want to explore cool math investigations together. The activities are great for practicing thinking skills and offer students a chance to be creative problem solvers. The activities are meant to be printed and can be completed without the use of the computer.

Counting Coins
Simple flashcards of various bills and coins allow students to practice their money skills.

Math practice website
This is a great virtual math manipulative site, it's authored by Utah State University.

Graphing website
A fun, easy to use site which helps kids create their own bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts. This fits very well with our math unit of Data, Tables and Charts.

Place Value Practice
Students can practice naming place value parts up to 5-digits and decimals as well.

A challenging game that increases in difficulty as students use logic to solve these computation puzzles.
Powerlines2- challenging math game to solve addition powerlines
Powerlines3- challenging math game to solve addition powerlines

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Google Apps

Kiddle Visual Search Engine

My Weird School Classroom Club
Play games and do activities related to Dan Gutman's popular book series.

Spelling City
A fun site for students to practice individual spelling lists with lessons and games. The site also tests students on their words.


Parents will find extensive resources and tips about developing their child's reading and writing skills at this site. Kids will enjoy playing games and activities about their favorite books. A great site to learn more about famous authors too!

Reading is Fundamental
Reading is Fundamental is a great site for parents that want to know more about the importance of literacy. It offers articles, activities and advice as parents help their children become life-long readers.

National Geographic Explorer

Kids can play games and read articles that extend the topics we’re reading about in our monthly classroom copies of the National Geographic Explorer Magazine.

Instant Poem Forms
A great site for young poets to create their own poems with the help of over 2 dozen fill-in-the-blank forms. Very creative!

Acrostic Poems
Students can create their own acrostic poems at this easy to use site.

Diamante Poems
Students can create their own diamond shaped poems.

Shape Poems
Students can create their own shape poems. s

Shel Silverstein
Fun and interactive site for kids that celebrates the poems of Shel Silverstein!

Homograph practice
Quick game for practicing multiple-meaning words.

Homophone Activities

Contraction Practice
Help the wizard teach his monster friend how to build compoud words and contractions.

Comic Creator
Students can create their own comics and add text on this simple website.

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Kid's Astronomy

Planet 10
Students can view a virtual model of the solar system. The model shows the orbits of the planets around the sun and includes details about each planet.

Space Activities
This site leads students to a list of activities about the planets and our moon. The activities are simple and engaging.

Earth, Moon & Sun Game
Students learn about the earth, moon and sun while blasting asteroids.

Earth Day
EcoKids games and activities
A lively, animated website maintained by Earth Day Canada. Kids can play games and complete acvities related to earth-friendly habits.

EekoWorld activities
A very informative and interactive site from PBS Kids. It entertains and challenges students while teaching them to think about the earth's environment.

Earth Mission
Fantastic site from the BBC in Britain. Students are sent on missions to save the earth from environmental harm.

Energy Hog
Fun game for kids to learn about energy hogging items in their households.

Art Adventure
On-line art tool-kit
Explore the art elements of color, line, pattern and balence. Check out the online resource "The Artist's Toolkit", this site is full of lively animation and teaches important art concepts using works of art from the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts.

My Weird School Connection
Play a game of logic using characters from the My Weird School series by Dan Gutman.

Virtual Snowflake
Create your own unique snowflake to add to the gallery of virtual snowflake.

Jokes, jokes, jokes
Hundreds of kid-friendly jokes.

Music quizzes:

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