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Alumni Registration~

Welcome to the online Alumni Registration page for Eastview High School. We hope this page helps all graduates and friends of Eastview High School to keep in touch. This database of alumni is searchable by last name, first name, and/or year of graduation. Features we have incorporated into this page are:
  • Reunion updates­ A page listing all upcoming reunions, with times and locations. We need your help with this one. Please forward all reunion information to the evhs Webteam so we can post this information for all to see. (Please answer "yes" below if you want this information forwarded to you via e-mail.)
  • Multi Class School Reunion Information
  • Lightning News- Periodic e-mailings of updates regarding the evhs students, faculty, and staff. Also, please answer "yes" below.
  • Search the Alumni database for old friends...

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Would you like to search the EVHS Alumni database?

email to: EVHS Web Team Eastview High School