Hering’s Power Points


Here are links to Power Points that Mr. Hering has created and a brief description of their content.


1st Three Presidents Overview             Washington, Adams, Jefferson


The American West                                 The Economy of the Old West & Conflict with Indians


Chapter 12 Overview                              A few key ideas from the Chapter      


Chapter 14 Overview                              6 main topics from the chapter           


Chapter 15 Overview                              Religion and Reform


Chapter 16  Overview                             The Old South & Slavery           


Chapter 24-25 Preview                           Industrialization, Urbanization Etc.


Chapter 27 Overview                              Age of Imperialism           


Chapter 36 Overview                              Post-World War II


Civil War                                                       Focused on the Main Events of the War


Civil War Review Questions                  34 Questions with answers


Cold War                                                      The Origins of the Cold War and early key events


Expansionism Questions                        10 Review Questions on Early US Expansion


Great Depression and New Deal         Cause, Effect, & New Deal


Imperialism Jeopardy                              Review questions, Jeopardy Style


People of the American Revolution    10 Review Questions


Populism                                                      12 Slide Overview of Populism


Reconstruction Overview                     11 Slide Overview


Semester Review Questions                80 Questions (This was the one with music in January)


Unit 6 Review                                             48 Slides, many review questions on Populism & Progressivism


The US and Europe                                  US & Europe from Revolution to War of 1812


World War II Home front                         Some of the Key Developments at Home