AP US History Web Resources


Part I. AP US History Sites

Mr. Anthony Pernoís APUSH home page

Tom Traynor's APUSH Home Page

Greg Feldmeth's Advanced Placement U.S. History

College Board APUSH Homepage


Part II: General United States History Sites

United States History Cram Packet 

The Avalon Project

The Avalon Project by Yale University is an extensive database of primary historical documents. It is one the of deepest source of primary documents on the web and seems to be growing in size.

Douglass Oratory Archive

Douglass is an electronic archive of American oratory and related documents. Quite simply, its an archive of historical speeches (and a few other documents) in US history.

PBS American Experience

The site was created to accompany their American Experience television series. The series itself does in-depth documentaries on a wide variety of topics in US history. They are generally excellent. The web site itself offers supplementary materials to go along with these topics. It includes brief summaries of key people and events as well as primary documents.

Presidents of the United States

The site offers biographies and primary documents related to all of the presidents of the United States.

University of Michigan's Political Science Homepage

A very deep resource for political science materials (many of which could be applicable to the study of US history). The site includes links to periodicals, other homepages, and essays. It is at a college level so it would best be used by teachers or advanced students. Itís a great resource for political research.

The History Net

The History Net is a large collection of history related materials.



Part III. Specific Sites

Colonial History

The British Monarchy

A history of the Monarchy--helpful for understanding events like the Restoration and the Glorious Revolution.