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Welcome to the Journey!

We welcome you to the adventure of a lifetime - a 700 year journey through time to discover the history of Europe.  This course begins in the late Middle Ages, continues through the fall of the Communist Bloc, culminating with the recent events in Europe.

This course places attention upon understandings equivalent to those gained in a college-level introductory course.  Emphasis is on the general narrative of European history from 14th century to the recent past; the study also includes an examination of the political and diplomatic, intellectual and cultural, and social and economic history of Europe.

This course is incredible in its scope and demanding in its curriculum. The class enjoys great guest speakers, fantastic field trips, enlightening projects, page-turning novels, and experienced teachers.  We’re excited that you’ve chosen to challenge yourself with this amazing curriculum and we’re excited to teach you!


Each year, AP European History students are afforded the opportunity to bring their studies to life with a spring break trip to Europe.  This year’s tour will depart on Friday, March 20, 2009 for London, Loire Valley, and Paris.


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