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Lightning Environmental Awareness Program

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Eastview Habitat Enhancement Project


   In the spring of 2001 L.E.A.P. and 10th grade classes began restoring the wetland area behind the football stadium to create a healthy habitat for plants and animals.

    We began with a rocky landscape and a grant from the Department of Natural Resources for $3,200.  We planted 900 prairie plants, 500 mesic plants (plants that like wet soil), and 160 wetland species in the spring.  We also seeded the area with 5 different species of native grasses.  There are plans to add more plants in the future and we hope to create a relaxing and educational area for students and other wildlife at Eastview High School.  

In the spring and summer of 2005 Brandon Boxler along with scout volunteers completed a knapweed removal project on the north and east sides of the pond.  We are looking for volunteers to maintain that project by joining Ms. Porterfield in July of each year to cut off the flower heads on the remaining plants.  Spotted Knap weed is an invasive plant. The seeds may remain in the seed bank in the soil for up to 7 years.  We hope to reduce or eliminate its presence in our habitat by cutting it back each year.



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