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The Lightning Press Invites students to submit their own articles for publication. For students interested, here's what you need to know: 

Articles are only accepted from students currently attending Eastview High School. Not all submissions are published; this is usually due to layout issues (not enough space).  It is possible that some submissions may be placed in a later issue.  In addition, the Lightning Press Editorial Board and advisor reserve the right to edit all submissions for length and/or content if necessary.  Please contact the advisor with questions. Please consult the Newspaper bulletin board in 3C cluster.

A.      Requirements

1.        Font size 12, Times New Roman

2.        At least 200 words

3.        Authorís name

4.        Topic of article or suggested headline

5.        Right justified

6.        Single-spaced


B.      How to Submit an Article

1.        Via Email: lightningpress@gmail.com
Articles must be created using Microsoft Word (not Works).  Send documents as attachments; do not type them directly into an email. 

2.        Via Editors:  You may give submissions (saved to a disk or CD) to the appropriate editor or the Editor-in-Chief. 




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