Welcome to the Eastview High School Online Multimedia Class webpage. This class is unique here at Eastview as it allows our students to learn and discuss web design skills through the power of the Internet. Web design is the main unit of quarter four in our Multimedia class. In previous quarters, students have worked with a wide range of software, including Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Premiere 6.0, and Autodesk VIZ 4.

This website will concentrate mainly on the teachings of web design through Macromedia Dreamweaver MX as well as the learning on basic HTML coding. Outside links and resources are included as well to expand further on our tutorials.

The basic course layout will be as follows:

Day One:
1. Take the test.
2. Click on bulletin board and register.
3. Read through materials section.
4. Read through tips section.
5. Navigate the site and get a feel for layout.

Day Two:
1. Login to bulletin board and start discussions
2. Dreamweaver (Day 1)

Day Three: Dreamweaver (Day 2)

Day Four: Dreamweaver (Day 3)

Day Five: Dreamweaver (Day 4)

Day Six: HTML (Day 1)

Day Seven:
1. HTML (Day 2)
2. Take test again.
3. Begin building web page.

To navigate the site, select an item from the menu on the left and begin.

This web page created, developed, and maintained by Kyle Spahn and Mr. Krebs.