1st Quarter Photoshop Assignments:

1- Self Portrait

2- Text Poster (mini 2 day project)

3- Visual Pun (mini 1 Day project)

4- Face Swap #1 (mini 1 Day project)

5- Face Swap #2 Face in a Renaissance Painting (mini 1 Day project)

6- Face Swap #3 Teacher swap with celebrity (mini 1 Day project)

7- Face Swap #4 Student swap with celebrity (mini 1 Day project)

8. 3D Text

9- Bus Panel Project #1

10- Bus Panel Project #2

11- You Can Create Tomorrow

12- Halloween Project (mini 2 Day project)

13- You Pick project (mini 2 Day project)

14 - EVHS Graphic (Mini 2 Day project)

15- Final Project

2nd Quarter Premiere Assignments:

1- The Office REDO

2- 6 Word Story

3- EVHS Highlight Video

4- Mission Possible

5- Adobe After Effects Tutorial 1

6- Adobe After Effects TYPOGRAPHY tutorial

3- Public Service Announcement

3rd Quarter 3D Studio Max Assignments:

1- Studio Assignment

-For a 3D Video for Multimedia Class created by Ryan Kerola in 3D Studio Max and converted to an .AVI file, click here.
-For a 3D Tour of Eastview High School created by Jon Anderson in 3D Studio Max and converted to a Real Video file, click here.
-Our assignment for 3D Studio Max will include animations for our Video Yearbook. Click here to go to the Video Yearbook page.

4th Quarter Web Page Assignments:

1- Web Design

2- Final

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