Friday, October 20, 2017

AP Computer Science

The Advanced Placement Program ® is run by the College Board. The AP® Computer Science Examination is designed by the AP® CS Development Committee, and is implemented and administered by Educational Testing Service.

AP Computer Science Information:

The delivery language for the AP® Computer Science exam is Java 5 (The current version of Java is 6). There are two AP® Computer Science courses, the Computer Science A course, and the Computer Science AB course. Reference Materials for AP Exam

Grid World Information:

The Grid World Case Study in Java is the current case study.

High School A.P. Computer Science Sites:

AP Comp Sci A AP Comp Sci A/AB
Duke University (Java AP Subset) North Carolina State
Java Sun (Full Java API Documentation)  
Wyomissing (Computer Numbers Systems) Southside High
Davidson High School (Recursion, Loops)  
Georgia Tech (Marketing) Java Au Naturel
  Leon Schram's Teaching Page
  Recursion 1
Wyomissing Area High School Recursion 2
Heritage High School Sorting Algorithms
Lake Highland Preparatory School- Orlando FL Sorting Animations
Fox Lane High School  
Standford University (Nifty Assignments)  
Whitefish High School  
Lee Point Java Notes  
Portland Community College  

Other Java Resources:

Programming with Alice (3D Software).

Owen Astrachan has a page on using Java in the AP program, including Java translations of past Free Response questions. There is also an UNOFFICIAL Java subset API on the site.

Chris Nevison (the current Chief Reader) maintains an "unofficial" AP CS web page with lots of useful links and information.

Alyce Brady (former AP CS Development Committee member) also maintains an AP CS page.   



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