Learn to Love to Swim:
Swim Lessons for All Ages and Abilities

Learn to swim in District 196 Community Swim Lessons. Our caring and dedicated instructors are Red Cross-trained to help you and/or child enjoy developing swimming and water safety skills in our positive learning environment. Community Swim Lessons are offered for children ages six months and older, teens and adults. Lessons are also available in formats for youth with special needs and in a women-only format.

Course Descriptions and Comparisons to other swim lesson programs

Key elements of learning include
  • Effective lesson planning
  • Teaching techniques appropriate to students’ abilities including explanations, demonstrations, and skill practice
  • Balanced group and individual practice time
  • Individual attention to students with positive and constructive feedback

Instructors and Aides are trained in
  • Principles of water safety
  • Sciences of hydrodynamics and exercise physiology
  • Principles of motor learning
  • Proper techniques for swimming and diving
  • Effective skill progressions to teach swimming and diving
  • Class management and teaching techniques

Well-rounded curriculum includes
  • Basic skills for water adjustment
  • Four competitive strokes: Front Crawl (Freestyle), Back Crawl (Backstroke), Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Two resting strokes: Elementary Backstroke and Sidestroke
  • Other skills including: Safety skills, treading water, surface dives, underwater swimming, diving, and competitive starts and turns